You’ve done everything right

and yet…

You feel this life can't be it. You feel you've spent your existence hopping from one box to the next, hoping that this one will fit. Except we're not made to fit into boxes… even very spacious, luxuriously outfitted ones.

Achieving your true potential means digging into what's beneath all of the layers of fear and expectation and convention. It means tapping into your true self — learning to differentiate between the survival mechanisms that have helped you to get this far, and your true purpose: that inner light that will guide you to greatness if you let it.

I want to help you uncover your light and shine it brightly in the world.

I want to help you to achieve success on your own terms by honing in on your deep, unassailable purpose.

I want to show you how it feels to live in alignment with yourself and the world.



6-12 months


Deep personal transformation

Clarity, purpose & empowerment

A new way of seeing yourself in relation to the world

Greater energy, capacity and conviction as you set and reach your life's goals

As your coach, my role is to meet you where you are and help you unlock your true potential. Like an olympic athlete, you don't want a coach because you're bad at what you do. You're already incredible! You do, however, recognize the value of the support of someone who knows how to help you shine.

How it works:

Our goal is to dig deep, play with life, and provide you with the space to find and manifest your purpose in the world.

I'll help you identify your goals, support you as you overcome obstacles and help you unlock the joy, power and purpose you need to feel truly successful.

Some sessions will be intense — but you'll know that I'm here for you no matter what comes up. Other times you'll feel weightless and joyful and go around grinning like crazy for days.

"Lauren has been a major part of my life for more than a decade. Her insight and guidance has helped me to figure out how to follow my purpose and tell my story — not only to my clients, but also to myself. After working with Lauren, I’m able to clearly define what success means to me, which has guided me and my business through all sorts of twists and turns.”

- Tereska Gesing, Founder of Urban Seedling

You’re ready to dive into your purpose.