Create clarity

In your life and business

Do you have fantastic ideas but struggle to express them in a way that inspires others?

Do you want to become a more connected and powerful leader but don’t really know how to create alignment with your team or stakeholders?

Are you on a new path, whether in your business or your career and unclear on how to position yourself so others will lean in, light up and say YES!?



12 weeks




A clear vision to help you win over investors and customers

A deep understanding of how to create resonant messages that foster alignment and connection

Inspiring personal and business narratives

CLARITY is a 12-week coaching and training program for startup founders and executives who want to learn how to communicate with clarity, and create alignment and deep connection with their teams, customers and stakeholders.

In a combination of group workshops and 1:1 coaching calls, we'll delve into the science and psychology of storytelling and human interaction, giving you the insight, tools and sense of clarity to create the future business and personal outcomes you dream.

You'll come out with a clearer understanding of yourself, your business and how to inspire others to join or support you on your path.

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Get clear — Understand your personal and business stories and how to communicate them with resonance

Be supported — You’ll be heard, challenged and held accountable as you mine and rewrite your personal and business narratives with clarity and commitment

Feel confident — Identify and practice the techniques that will enable you to be the author of your life and inspire others to join and support you on your mission


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"I came to Lauren looking for a way to educate and engage our audience on the concept of storytelling and to leverage the customer's voice. She created compelling content that engaged our current audience and brought in net new leads for the business. Lauren can make anything sound good and authentic, the best part being that she’ll teach you how to do it too. Besides being a valuable asset, she’s also a joy to work with."

- Sandra Polak, Marketing Director @ Signal AI

Humans are storytelling animals. We are wired for stories. The best leaders know that a great story takes data along for the ride. This has defined communication since the dawn of humanity…and the advent of the first (terrifying) bedtime story.

Facts don't rock people to their cores. Facts never change people's minds. But the stories we weave with the facts? They can tickle people's brains and wake them up to new ways of seeing the world. They can hit people like a tsunami and give them no other option but to take action. They can bend reality and reset the course of life on earth!

Now, I'll let you in on a secret. Anyone can learn to tell powerful stories. If you're shaking your head and thinking back to the last time you tried to explain what you do to a poor, unsuspecting guest at a networking event, then listen closely: Great storytelling is a skill that can be learned. And I can teach it to you.

The best part? Once you have these tools in your kit, not only will you be more successful in inspiring others to join or support your mission, but you'll also have the power to create greater alignment within your team and connect more deeply and resonantly with others.

“A Key Player in our Program”

"I met Lauren at an event on the art of pitching and was not only immediately captivated by her gift for storytelling but more importantly, by her willingness to share her ‘secret sauce’ and her ability to give entrepreneurs the keys to take ownership of their pitches in a way I’ve never seen before.

Our artificial intelligence startups often use complex technologies and solve problems that can be difficult to grasp in a few minutes. With very practical and actionable advice, Lauren was able to help them see their businesses in a new light.

There is no doubt that Lauren is an exceptional communicator and effective leader who creates a very positive work environment. We are very fortunate to have her as one of the key players in Next AI Montreal.

- Emmanuelle Coppinger, Director of Venture Managers @ Next AI Montreal

A little bit about me…

Over the past 15+ years, through various communications roles in film, journalism, education, marketing and more recently in startups and VC, I’ve worked with a ton of people who have incredible ideas but just don’t know to communicate them in ways that inspire others to take action

Why did I transition from Director of Communications at one of Canada’s leading VCs to storytelling and leadership coach? Because I want to help people to understand HOW to find and share their authentic stories and bring their magic to the world. As the old saying goes, I’ve had enough of giving people fish. It’s time to teach others how to catch their own — and as my husband jokes, with my version of fishing, the fish tend to jump into the boat.

I believe that every human being is creative and has the potential to shape reality with the stories they tell themselves and others. It’s just a matter of understanding what resonates and how to formulate the most memorable messages — it’s about learning what makes people tick. 

That’s why I love teaching the science and psychology of storytelling. That moment when the lights go on and a client sees that they’ve been telling themselves stories about themselves, others and how the world works their whole lives? I want to create that moment for everyone! It’s the first step toward becoming a stellar communicator who can inspire anyone to light up and take action. And once you realize that like math or engineering or pottery or medicine or pretty much anything else, there’s a formula and steps you can take toward communication mastery, well, then there’s nothing to stop you from articulating and creating the future you desire. 

Communicate like a thought leader.