Communications Specialist

Lauren Jane Heller

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I’m a passionate storyteller, avid adventurer and people connector.

My works spans documentary film, journalism, web design, seeking sponsorship for a tech non-profit, writing narrative non-fiction, blogging, and working as a copywriter and communications professional. The common threads in my work are my passion for clear communication, my desire to positively impact the world, and my love of language.

Though I enjoy a range of writing, from headline to brand manifesto, my strength is in long content. I love to distil the essence from great swaths of information, write succinct and grammatically perfect copy, alter tone and work to tight deadlines. I’m also a highly creative thinker and generator of original ideas.

In addition to my professional endeavours, I write a blog about my tumultuous life, organize events and contribute to Canadian tech publications, and strive to help others to live the healthiest, happiest lives possible.