Work can feel like play 

My Mission

My mission is to help you get intentional and have fun in life and business, so you can live from purpose, step into your power, and get your message heard by the people who need it.

About me

A passionate storyteller, coach and connector, I thrive on adding value and making change in the world — one person at a time.

After a circuitous career as a writer, journalist and communications professional, I am now harnessing my experience and passion for storytelling and deep interpersonal connection to help entrepreneurs and other motivated leaders to own and tell their stories, step into their power and create the lives they dream through group storytelling programs and one-on-one coaching.

Helping you dig into your purpose

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, I realized early in life that for me, settling for the status quo is infinitely more terrifying than plunging into the unknown, so rather than choosing a well-travelled path, I chose to forge my own: forever hustling and seizing opportunities — in documentary film, as a journalist, creating websites, writing for startups and eventually becoming a trusted voice in Canada's startup landscape. 

By all accounts I was a success. I had achieved my childhood dream of becoming a professional writer. I had travelled the world for work and adventure. I was a dubbed a "supermom" — amazing kids, amazing partner, amazing life. But I was exhausted. I felt thinned out. I didn't feel like a success. I was marching to someone else's beat — always working so hard, taking things so seriously, so focused on being smarter, faster, better that I forgot that my true magic is already deep inside me — that success isn't about what other people think but is achieved by living in alignment and connection with myself — with my purpose.

That's when I discovered coaching. Under the guidance of incredible leadership and performance coaches, I've gained a set of tools I didn't know existed. I learned how step away from fear and scarcity and into joy and abundance. I started to listen to my body, to tap into my emotions, to let go of my future- and past-focused thought patterns and step into presence…and it impacted every area of my life.

I found myself again. After peeling back layer after layer of survival mechanisms and cultural and social programming, by learning to trust my gut and my emotions rather than relying solely on my head, my work life stopped feeling like a grind and started feeling playful and fun. My relationships with colleagues, friends and family deepened. Everything started falling into place.

The real beauty was that it didn't just change my life. It started changing the lives of the people around me. We've all heard the saying "Be the change you want to see in the world" but so many of us keep focusing on what's wrong out there rather than what's misaligned in here. By facing myself, by playfully overcoming my own obstacles and learning to recognize when I'm getting sucked into drama and dysfunction, I noticed that my friends and family started doing the same.

I have always been an enthusiastic seeker, curious about other people and the world. I have always listened with fascination to stories about others' lives and shared the knowledge I thought may impact their worldview. My greatest joy has always been witnessing other people light up as a result of something I have said. That's why I became a writer. And that's how I began to realize, I've always, deep down, been a coach.

I live my purpose by helping others to dig into theirs.

By delving into the layers of lived experience and social programming, and by providing new tools to use while navigating the world, I help others to elevate their lives, create connection with themselves and others, and find ease and success both personally and professionally.

I work with individuals and teams to create alignment and trust in the workplace, to communicate effectively within the team and externally about the business, and to work from joy and creativity rather than fear and competition. The skills and qualities I help to emerge not only impact people's lives at work, but trickle into every aspect of their existence, bringing greater clarity and harmony to all interactions and connections.

I am excited to connect with individuals and teams to see how my programs and coaching can bring clarity, collaboration and conscious culture to their lives and organizations. Reach out to talk about how we can work together!

Ready to transform your life and business?